Revita Derma Face Cream : Skin Repair For Glowing Skin!

Revita DermaRevita Derma :- Jennifer and Nelly, two best friends now in their 50s, grew up together and even used their first mascara together. From sending kids to same schools to arranging similar themed showers and parties, Jennifer and Nelly had a lot in common except that Nelly was more concerned about Revita Derma‘s negative results while Jennifer was more taken by the promises. Regular readers, Jennifer and Nelly wrote to us saying that they didn’t want to go for anything surgical and most of the products they had tried in the past decade failed to do anything for their wrinkles. While Jennifer really wanted to try out the trial formula of Revita Derma, Nelly was skeptic and thus wanted us to do a review since she couldn’t find many trustworthy online.

Promising a gradual relief from wrinkles and plodding removal of fine lines among other signs of aging, Revita Derma states that it will bring your dreams to life if you have hopes of a wrinkle free appearance. Find out as we screen every aspect of this exclusively online anti-aging miracle.

Revita Derma Trial

What is Revita Derma?

Revita Derma is a wrinkle reversing topical cream that helps in thwarting the stress and impact of aging. It helps in relieving the causes that trigger aging while lightening the visibility of these signs such as fine lines, expression lines, dark patches or dull-dark spots caused by photoaging, smile wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.

Benefits Revita Derma promises:

  • Skin Repair (it restores the natural balance of the skin cells and initiates healthier rejuvenation so they can multiply and maintain skin flexibility)
  • Moisture Retention (Skin usually loses moisture with time and the ability to maintain hydration balance degrades with age however the cream enables better retention)
  • Skin protection (Antioxidants are necessary to any anti-aging formulation since they help in boosting natural immunity against free radical cells)
  • Reduced Stress (Climatic changes and internal factors put strain on the skin cells but the cream relieves this strain by soothing the skin surface and internal layers)
  • Strengthened connective tissue (By functioning at cellular level, Revita Derma fortifies aging defense)

The ingredients focus on amplifying healthier skin repair mechanism by limiting skin’s exposure to certain internal and external factors. These factors include extreme climatic changes along with free radical cells that grow on their own due to aging.

Revita Derma promises to inhibit the damage by boosting natural development of the skin cells and their defense mechanism.

Working of Revita Derma

How to use? What skin type is it for?

Revita Derma for daily morning and evening application. Use the cream first thing in morning after cleansing your face. Make sure that you use a cleanser that works on your skin type.

While the website claims that Revita Derma is for all skin types, we suggest that women with acne prone skin type try a patch test before they use it.

Women with dry, normal and combination skin type are more suitable for Revita Derma.

What can you expect?

Revita Derma focuses primarily on visible areas of aging such as the wrinkles. It also works on internal signs of aging like moisture imbalance, dermal structure strength, etc but it primarily maintains a strong connective tissue and optimum levels of collagen. You can expect these results:

  • Lowered visibility, extent, depth and density of wrinkles
  • Better collagen production
  • Lightened dark circles
  • Much younger skin through brightened and even radiance
  • Improved hydration of the skin

# Revita Derma results might vary based on the how extensive the wrinkles are and other associated factors like smoking (regular smokers get aging signs fast and show reduced improvement).

What are the ingredients? How does it work?

Revita Derma works through its combination of peptides which work intensely to trigger skin repair.

Peptides have been making rounds in the anti-aging industry for quite some time. Smaller chain of amino acids, Peptides are really beneficial for the skin as they enable stronger preservation of the collagen levels. Most products on the anti-aging market forget to address this central cause of aging: Collagen depletion. But there are several sides to the matter. Some products only restoration enough collagen levels to boost elasticity as long as the product is applied while some focus on protecting the depletion but do nothing for initiating more secretion.

However, Revita Derma takes care of these as it

  • Improves collagen preservation by initiating blockage of inflammation within the fibroblasts
  • Prevention of collagen depletion by enhancement of cellular walls and immunity

Revita Derma not only prevents the loss of elasticity developing components (Collagen, elastin, etc) but also keeps their natural secretion levels high.

Revita Derma Claim Now

Is there any non-sponsored research that backs Revita Derma?

We looked extensively for research on ingredients contained in the product and studies on the product itself but we didn’t find satisfactory results for the latter.

However, we found numerous studies on the peptides that seem to be a favorite in the anti-aging community as many online forums that discuss ingredients and cosmetics products have positive reviews for them. The studies we found also showed a direct correlation  between skin elasticity and peptide application.

Going by the research on peptides, it is safe to say that Revita Derma makes suitable claims for inhibiting aging damage.

What about the side effects? 

This is going to amuse you as it amused us: Revita Derma has no side effects!

We won’t lie or sugarcoat this but we have reviewed hundreds of products that had leftover ingredients or ingredients that pharmaceutical companies couldn’t get approved for dietary intake but Revita Derma is really what it promises.

Like we said before, the website is not user friendly and doesn’t really provide comprehensive information so digging up the label and checking all studies was a hard task for us. We also rounded up all the reviews we found online and we spoke with almost 12 of these review writers. All of them confirmed having used it with a soft copy of a purchase receipt. Based on their experience, it is safe to say that Revita Derma works and has no side effects.

Is it recommended?

Jennifer and Nelly, if you are reading, yes and other women wondering whether you should get a bottle of Revita Derma or not: Definitely.

We don’t have a reason to not suggest Revita Derma because it functions exactly the way it promises and it doesn’t have anything to be worried about which makes it a safe anti-aging investment. If it’s the cost the concerns you then you can try the trial option which is pretty fast and effective.

Where to Buy Revita Derma

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